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  • New Pricing for the Structure Product Family We're adjusting prices across all products and platforms. For Data Center and Server we are increasing the prices for all tiers and for Cloud we are increasing it for lower tiers, while significantly reducing it for higher tiers.
  • Structure Formulas Have Arrived in Jira Cloud: Use-Cases to Get Started With the Formulas feature, you won't have to rely on Excel or other tools for complex calculations. These examples and resources can help you get the most out of this powerful feature.
  • ALM Works joins Tempo! Tempo's latest acquisition combines top-selling Atlassian project management solutions with team and time management solutions.
  • Easily Test Project Scenarios With Structure.Gantt's New Sandbox Mode Structure.Gantt 3.0 introduces Sandbox mode, where you can quickly see how different changes would impact your project timelines without disrupting your charts. We explain how it works.
  • Agile Gantt — The Evolution of a Manifesto This article first appeared in 2019, when we introduced an Agile Gantt solution for those using self-hosted (on-prem) versions of Atlassian Jira. Now, we are bringing the same capabilities to Jira Cloud. We have updated the article to reflect this and some other changes we made along the way.