Jira Client has reached its End of Life. As of May, 2020, there is no further development of the product, and support for it is limited. You can find more details in the Jira Client Reference.

We've recently made the product open source and for those who want to continue using the product, there is a free unsupported version available.

Note: At this time, Jira Client is still listed on Atlassian Marketplace. Please ignore that. It will be archived by Atlassian very soon.

Desktop Power for Jira

Jira Client is a desktop application for day-to-day work with Jira issues. It helps you quickly navigate and drill down into issues, schedule tasks and triage problems with drag-and-drop, accurately track time, work when you are offline.

Overall, Jira Client is a great help and time-saver for Project Managers, Consultants, QA, Help Desk — people who work with Jira extensively throughout the day.

Supports JIRA:6.3—7.10+
Operating Systems:Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
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