Deliver is available for Jira Server Deliver is a Data Center Approved App

"When will we see value from our investment?"

Leadership asks some form of this question nearly every day. They think in terms of major milestones — and the end game. Not sprints. Meanwhile, you and your project teams live in an Agile world. How can project managers use Jira to bridge that gap? How can they communicate effectively with leadership, while remaining Agile?

Deliver for Jira is designed to help them do just that.

Deliver will be generally available for Atlassian Server and Data Center customers soon. In the meantime, an Early Access Program (EAP) will be available for select customers (and Atlassian Solution Partners). If you’re interested in joining the program, let us know.

Deliver for Jira

Released:August 2020
Supports Jira Sofware:7.13.x - 8.11.x (Server & Data Center)
Supports Structure:6.2
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