Enterprise Issue Organizer

Structure Plugin adds to Atlassian JIRA the concept of issue hierarchy and a new, rich user interface for working with it.

With Structure, you can organize issues into multi-level, cross-project hierarchical lists and share them with your team or with the entire organization.

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Desktop Power for JIRA

JIRA Client is a desktop application for day-to-day work with JIRA.

You can navigate quickly through multiple search results, triage issues with drag-and-drop, automatically track time spent on an issue and even work when there's no connection to JIRA.

Flexible Workspace for Bugzilla

Deskzilla is a desktop client for Mozilla's Bugzilla bug tracking system.

Deskzilla lets you create your personal workspace, use efficient, centralized navigation through bugs and filters, and work offline.

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Smart Cross-Instance JIRA Synchronization

CROSS is a plugin for two-way continuous synchronization of two or more JIRA instances, even if they are separated by strict firewalls.

CROSS lets you have a limited public JIRA for your customers, integrate with your contractors' JIRA instances, or connect multiple JIRAs used throughout your organization.

Currently, CROSS is work in progress. Check out the details and subscribe for updates!

Virtual Bugzilla Server

Virtual Bugzilla is a VMware virtual machine with pre-installed Bugzilla. Installing Bugzilla is not a trivial task, so this product may save you hours of work.

Get Bugzilla running in minutes!

TrackLink integrates Deskzilla or JIRA Client with an IDE (IntelliJ IDEA and Visual Studio), allowing developers to access bugs and issues while coding.

Link your IDE with JIRA Client or Deskzilla!

sqlite4java is a minimalistic, high-performance, open-source Java wrapper for SQLite embeddable database.

Accessing SQLite from Java? Check this out.
YourKit Profile Collector

This JIRA plugin is a development and support tool that loads profiling agent into running JIRA and collects CPU & Memory profiles for further analysis in YourKit Profiler.

Analyze performance without JIRA restart!
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