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Implementing SAFe® with JIRA

Implementing SAFe with JIRA


cPrime’s JIRA SAFe product blends Atlassian’s ALM Platform with the Scaled Agile Framework to develop a tool and process configuration for clients.

The JIRA SAFe solution provides a critical component to technology transformation, providing one single ALM tool for all teams, enabling easier training effort and comprehensive rollup reporting giving them the ability to understand the total cost of ownership.

It brings end-to-end visibility of epics, features and stories and provides a single source of Agile data, reducing the labor need for reconciling, standardizing and normalizing.


A central component in this solution is the Structure add-on for JIRA, which brings a unified overview to all levels of the SAFe hierarchy with complete visibility across Teams, Releases, Epics and Features.


Looking to implement the SAFe in JIRA solution?

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