Structure 3.0
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Structure in a Nutshell

Here's a two-minute overview, a quick testimonial and a deep demonstration.

New features in 3.0

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New Features

Structure has been completely rebuilt from the ground up, laying the foundation for a new generation of features.

Structure 3.0 comes with JIRA Data Center compatibility and a host of powerful new features to transform the way you manage JIRA projects.

From simple backlogs to scaled Agile and portfolio management, Structure 3.0 is an indispensible time-saving, productivity-boosting enhancement for the JIRA platform.

Here are just some of the great new features in Structure 3.0

Multiple Parents


Place any issue in multiple locations within the same structure, such as Epics that relate to multiple Initiatives

Grouping and sorting

Sort & Group

Sort your issues and group them automatically by any field for easy reporting, review and tracking. Drag and drop between groups to update fields

Structure in Structure

Structures within Structures

Combine and nest multiple independent structures into larger 'master' structures, ideal for high-level visibility and management. Keep on top of Scaled Agile and drill down to any level, all in one screen

Structure containers


Create folders for grouping issues in Structure, without creating extra issues in JIRA

That's great, where can I get it?

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Get Structure 3.0

If you already have Structure, you'll need to follow the upgrade instructions in the Structure 3.0 release notes.


If you don't already have Structure installed, you can start a free 30-day evaluation now:

How much does Structure 3.0 cost?

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Structure 3.0 Pricing

With the release of Structure 3.0 we've added pricing for higher tiers.

For customers with current maintenance, the upgrade to 3.0 will be free.

Existing quotes for license sales and renewals will not be affected.