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  • Introducing Structure.Gantt 2.0 In February 2018, we introduced a new extension for Structure called Structure.Gantt — a Gantt solution for Jira that runs on top of Structure. With the introduction of Structure.Gantt 2.0, which includes two important and oft-requested new features (Baselines & Resource Leveling,) we are also announcing pricing changes.
  • Pledge 1%: Children Across America As part of our Pledge 1% efforts, ALM Works teamed up with Children Across America to take part in a local STEM program. On August 1st in Milford, Massachusetts, local children attended a program where they were exposed to different activities that help them to become better problem-solvers and learners. STEM learning can happen anytime, anywhere. And what better time than this?
  • Predicting Project Completion Dates with Jira When will we see return on our investment? That’s what every business executive wants to know about the projects you oversee. However, in the world of Agile software development, it’s not always easy to predict completion dates. In this blog post, Jeremy Stark, Head of Solutions at ALM Works, explains how we can help you extract the answers from Jira using historical project metrics and visualize them in ways that are actionable and fit right into your reports.
  • ScriptRunner Scripts for Structure ALM Works is pleased to be an inaugural partner in the new Adaptavist Library. In his latest blog post, ALM Works Solutions Engineer, Phil Heijkoop shares his insights on the benefits of using ScriptRunner with Structure for Jira.
  • 2019 Application Lifecycle Management Gold Medal — 2nd Year Running Our customers honored us with gold-medal scores last year, and they did it again this year. ALM Works wins a Software Reviews gold medal for Application Lifecycle Management yet again!