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Scaled Agile Bronze Partner

ALM Works is an Atlassian-verified vendor and a SAFe Tooling Partner.

Read on to learn how we align our product with the Scaled Agile Core Values.

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Core Values

Learn how Structure enables SAFe core values in a JIRA-based implementation of Scaled Agile.

SAFe Core Value: Transparency


Transparency on all levels is supported by our foundational product, Structure, via unlimited hierarchy and live reporting with data aggregation.

SAFe Core Value: Alignment


Structure ALM Suite, including Structure.Pages extension for Confluence brings together teams of all kinds and supports Alignment from your Strategy documents to development tasks.

SAFe Core Value: Program Execution

Program Execution

Combine and nest multiple independent structures into a larger "master" structure, ideal for high-level visibility and management. Keep on top of Scaled Agile and drill down to any level, all on one screen.

SAFe Core Value: Built-in Quality

Built-in Quality

Test early and frequently with the Structure.Testy extension to identify problems before they slow development down.

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Get Started with SAFe

ALM Works SAFe Partner cPrime Inc. delivers a unique JIRA-based SAFe solution.

cPrime is an Atlassian Platinum Expert and Scaled Agile Gold Partner with unrivaled experience in tooling, training and coaching for Agile teams and Scaled Agile enterprises.